odoo implementation

Bassam infotech has proved its implementation capabilities with a lot of successful project executions across multiple industries. We have the best consultant team having rich experience in Odoo implementation,customization, support, training and consulting. We are known to provide cutting-edge consultancy to many fortune companies in India and other parts of the world.

Reasons of ERP Project Failure:

  • Inexperienced implementation team

  • Improper implementation methodology

  • Lack of Industry knowledge

  • Incomplete requirement gathering

  • Lack of resources

Our experienced consultants can help you implement the solution that will simplify your business complexities and delivers key information more reliably. We not only do new implementation but also assist in the reimplementation of the project that is not executed according to customers’ expectation. We use proven methodologies to identify your most pressing needs and implement the right solution within a specified budget and help in realizing more benefits from Odoo Systems.

ODOO Implementation

An implementation of a new business software system is usually the result of good selection and advice.It starts with knowing which business improvements one expects from a new ERP system.After all, the system is not an end in itself, but a supporting tool.

Preliminary investigation

By means of individual discussions and workshops, relevant preconditions such as business processes, article structures, etc. are described. Naturally, the possible bottlenecks and improvement opportunities are also recorded. This description is the basis for further planning.

We assess and analyze the suitability of process as per your organization by meeting the key members and developing a standard system initially, access rights and deployment.

We analyze and evaluate each process through discussions with your core users and develop a standard system in the first instance to train these users and provide better insight into the possibilities of ODOO.


After research, we write a plan that fits your organization. It states when and what activities are being done.

Business Modeling

We intend to integrate ODOO technology into your business model. To let your organization utilize the opportunities that you perceive in your environment. Your goals are our starting point. We want to provide you with advanced solutions with ODOO but realistic expectations and outcomes.

Design solution

When designing we take into account your business needs, business models and workflow; We assure you that our specific designed solutions will have a huge positive impact on improving your daily operations.

Configure Odoo

Once the preliminaries have been completed, we can configure ODOO for you.
We configure all specifications and tools in a few software.
Our ODOO Implementation team is very skilled and experienced in both technical and functional level.
Our consultants are at your service to configure 
Odoo  as desired.  

Odoo implementation services from Odoo

A good    odoo partner    can help you to build    erp  software for your business.