The main advantage of  ERP software

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Better control of inventory 

  • Full inventory tracking and stock movements history

  • Control of inventory by batch numbers, serial numbers, or date

  • Proper location control, in one or multiple warehouses

  • Controlling the movement of goods between warehouses

  • Appropriate rules to govern inventory reordering

  • Full inventory audits

Better planning of despatch 

  • Allow the system to identify what you can ship, to whom, the delivery location, the urgency and so on

  • Take into consideration your important customers, and their special needs

  • Plan your shipments so that you can ship in full, first time, every time.

More sophisticated pricing of sales orders 

  • General discounts by customer, product, customer group or product group

  • Volume and value discounts

  • Pricing by branch or location

Tighter purchasing control, including full landed costing 

  • Three-way matching of purchase order, delivery and invoice

  • Automatic updating of latest costs

  • Alternative suppliers with their own costs and lead time

  • Landed cost processing for imports

The ability to plan production, considering capacity and materials availability 

  • Considers all sales orders, forecasts, current purchases. and manuf. orders, and current stock holding

  • Suggests: what to make, when, and in what quantities

  • Plans production using shop calendars

  • Prepares the manufacturing orders awaiting your final approval

  • Identifies manufacturing orders that will be late

  • You will never be held up for components that have not been ordered

  • You will be able to reduce stock levels to a lower safe level

Planned purchasing so that you buy what you want when you need it 

  • Planning of purchasing considers stock holding as well as manufacturing and sales requirements

  • Re-ordering rules control suggested purchasing quantities

  • Suggests: what to buy, when, and in what quantities

Easy conversion of selected planned orders into actual orders 

  • Planned orders are presented for your approval

  • They can be approved individually or in bulk

  • Purchase orders can be faxed or emailed

  • Conversion from planned to actual orders can be as required 

Real time control of activitieson the Shop Floor 

  • Formally initiate jobs on the shop floor

  • Print all shop papers, labels

  • Identify materials used or produced by batch number or serial number

  • Record actual times by operator, machine, shift

  • Use bar coding or touch screens (or manual timesheet entries)

  • For each job, compare actual material and labour used with that budgeted

Print/display sequence of (today's) operations through each of the work centers

  • The definition of a manufactured product contains the material and operational

  • components

  • Operations are recorded by work centre, and include setup, machine time and labour


  • You can see where jobs are, and which work centre is next

  • You can see the expected time and the actual time for each operation at each work centre

Analysis of the impact of possible cost changes 

  • The definition a manufactured product includes all labour and overheads costs

  • Costs prepared using standard costs, latest costs, average costs, or a combination

  • Ability to run “What if” costing

  • Detailed Inventory and Work in Progress costing

Eventually, when you require more flexibility in GL reporting, and budgets, you will move to the financial modules.

ERP advantage on implementing Odoo

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